• Poison Ivy Remedy: Jewelweed

    Jewelweed as a poison ivy remedy has been around for a long time. I heard that the credit goes to the Native American Indians. It is even in some natural
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  • Acid Reflux: Natural Solutions

    It’s important to clean up your diet if you suffer from chronic Acid Reflux. Dr. Doug discusses the basic dietary changes as well as offers a quick health fixer tip,
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  • Poison Ivy Remedy: Toothpaste!

    If you want to try something that will take the itch away fast and reduce the healing time, try using some white toothpaste!     print this page

  • Wort Remedy: Banana Peels

    Worts can be very stubborn. Some people have had the same wort for years. Here is something you can try. Be persistent. It usually works.       print this
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  • Fels Naptha: Poison Ivy Cure

    Here is a strange but effective remedy for Poison Ivy. Fels Naptha is a laundry stain remover. It also works very well if rubbed on poison ivy.   print this
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