“It’s my job!”


“This is my job”

 That needs to be the answer to the questions you will certainly get.

“How did you lose weight?”

“How do you stay in shape?”

“How do you get up and workout before work?”

“How do you do it?”

I want you to start interacting with being healthy and being fit as if it was your job. It’s your job to stay healthy. Is that true for you? It has to be. You can’t “f” around with this! It is a life or death situation. You don’t have to have a heart attack to get inspired. Actually, your ticket has already been issued in your name with heart attack, Type 2 diabetes and debilitating degenerative diseases written in the subject line. The only thing that you can edit, is “when”, and “what if”.

“What if” you make it your priority to live healthy, eat healthy and exercise consistently with passion. If you choose to make it the highest priority you can change the “when”. Instead of falling apart before your time, choose to live long and age with strength, stamina and great health.

I don’t know about you but I just get up immediately when the alarm rings on workdays. The alarm rings and I get up. I don’t negotiate with myself about the possibility about not going in that day. Why?

I have a relationship with my work that is not negotiable. I go into work and do my job. Period. My family needs me. I need food and shelter. It’s a matter of survival.

Health has to be the same way.

Raise the stakes. Make it that important. That’s the trick. That is all you need to know.

With that one realization you will take the responsibility of staying well to the highest level.

“I stay healthy because it’s my job!”

What will it cost you to let yourself gain the weight back?

If you decide that this is your job then it is worth putting into your schedule. A job comes with a schedule. I used to workout when I had some free time. That is planning for failure. As a result, I was overweight, fatigued, depressed, and starting to have health problems.

Since 2009, I book workouts into my schedule every week. Start doing this. It works.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I’m at Hells Kitchen Crossfit from 7-8 am. I see my first patients at 9 am. I get up at 4:45 am  to catch a 5:30 am bus to NYC. Door to door it takes me 70 minutes.

I also do 2-3 spin classes per week on my lunch break. Then I go to a gym near my house on either Saturday or Sunday with my daughter. Otherwise I take long walks with my wife and dogs on the weekends.

This is my job. I just do it. I schedule it and get it done. I don’t consider if I’m in the mood or not. That’s irrelevant. It’s not my hobby. It’s on my schedule. It needs to get done.

As soon as you begin the journey and start to chisel off the debris revealing the body that you want to live in you must take on this new attitude.

“Of course I exercise”

“Of course I choose healthy foods”

It’s what we do!


7 Responses to ““It’s my job!””

  1. Love this topic! Unfortunately, the first thing that goes when people get busy or tired, is exercise. Not only is it good for the heart and waistline but it is great for reducing stress which contributes to weight gain and also heart issues. So many people dismiss stress and it’s impact on one’s health. Health is wealth and many, many people actually fight being healthy which includes moving.

    What is amazing to me is that people go to the doctor to be “fixed”. Let’s take the yearly physical. Many people never prepare for the yearly physical. Yet, these same people prepare for driver’s license exams for for a job interview. They do absolutely nothing to prepare for their yearly physical. And, when the blood work comes back, the physician prescribes but rarely do they talk to the patient about lifestyle changes which are less expensive and don’t have side effects!……..like a little exercising. Good topic. Love it!

  2. Dr. Doug says:

    Thanks for your comments Barbara! Good point about preparing for yearly physicals or exams. It’s hard to do the math for something that may or may not happen in the future. You can live healthy and make all the “right” choices, and then get hit by a bus and die. You never get to live long enough to see if you prevented a heart attack. Furthermore, you can live really healthy and die of a heart attack anyway. Then all the nay sayers can have a field day trying to nullify all of your good effort over the years. But, I think the ongoing, everyday benefits of making good choices are more important than who gets to live the longest.
    I notice that the people who get out of shape, eat poorly and let their bodies degenerate rapidly, live their lives in pain from inflammation, and are trapped in a body they are not happy with. They don’t have the stamina, strength or flexibility to do all the things that are available. I do it for myself and my family. That is my motivation.

  3. Pete Doyle says:

    The Buddha said it was a duty to keep the body healthy. I guess he figured enlightenment would be harder during cardiac arrest! ;-) Personally i have to change up exercises to keep interested. Some of the things I’ve dug have been scuba diving, yoga, swimming, jogging, wall-climbing, softball, weight training, CYBEX Arc training, karate, QiGong, hang-gliding, calesthinecs, cycling, and more. It’s amazing what you can do in 20 minutes. I think the key is to be rooted in my body, to enjoy movement and to be grateful for health. Appreciate your lead Doc!!!

  4. Christina says:

    I dont have a lot of extra time to exercise so I make sure that every bite I take has meaning. This way I dont have to use my “free” time to exercise off extra calories that my body doesnt need. Eating better allows me to enjoy my time kayaking, gardening, or just being…which usually involves being active but doesn’t necessarily mean “structured” exercise. I get to enjoy the things which feed my soul and my body.

  5. Nan says:

    I am so new to all of this that I don’t have a routine of any kind in place. The only thing I have noticed during the last ten days is that I have more energy, and I FEEL so much better, I find myself moving more.

    Other than “get out the walking shoes”, “make sure I have socks that match”, and “put some music with a beat on the MP3 player”, I have yet to actually get out there and exercise. But this might just be the week!

    It’s my job, along with my job, and school.

  6. Mikkel says:

    Great perspective. As a mom of a 2 year old who also works part time, one of my challenges these past few years has been figuring out my schedule. If I don’t think and plan ahead, exercise is the first to go, and that doesn’t work for me at all! I’m not a happy person without it. Looking at making healthy choices as your job is a great approach… and then it feels less and less like a job and more like part of your identity as you continue on the path.

    Thanks for the post.

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